Best QLED TV deals: Get a 50-inch QLED TV for $250 and more


Upgrade your home theater setup by buying from QLED TV deals, which will give you incredible brightness and accurate colors with the help of a layer of quantum dots. If you’re interested in buying a QLED TV, the good news is that there are discounts that you can shop right now, but only if you hurry. We’ve listed our top picks here to help you make a decision, but because of the popularity of QLED TVs, we don’t think stocks will last long. If you see an offer from these TV deals that you like, you better push through with the purchase immediately.


TCL 50-inch Q5 4K QLED TV — $250, was $400


You don’t need to spend several hundreds of dollars to get a QLED TV in your living room because there are affordable options like the 50-inch TCL Q5 4K QLED TV. With 4K Ultra HD resolution and support for all the most advanced HDR formats, you’ll enjoy sharp details and lifelike colors, and it runs on Google TV to access all of the popular streaming services. The platform also offers Chromecast so you can stream from your mobile devices onto the 50-inch screen, and it enables compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

Hisense 55-inch U6 Series 4K QLED TV — $400, was $450

The Hisense U6K
Best Buy

The 55-inch Hisense U6 Series 4K QLED TV is another relatively affordable choice, with 4K Ultra HD resolution, support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and mini-LED that can create even brighter images. The TV also runs on Google TV, so you can use voice commands for functions such as changing channels and searching for content with the help of Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

TCL 65-inch Q5 4K QLED TV — $400, was $600

TCL 65 Q Class QLED 4K smart Google TV product image for Prime Day October.

If you like the TCL Q5 4K QLED TV but you want a larger screen, then check out the 65-inch model. You’ll get all the same features, including 4K Ultra HD resolution, support for most HDR formats, and Google TV, but you’ll be able to maximize them further on a bigger display.

Hisense 75-inch U6 Series 4K QLED TV — $700, was $800

The Hisense Class U6 Series Mini-LED QLED.

You can also get the Hisense U6 Series 4K QLED TV with a bigger screen, to the tune of 75 inches. It’s the same TV with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, alongside mini-LED technology, but you’ll be able to watch your favorite streaming shows on a larger display that will breathe new life into your home theater setup.

Samsung 85-inch Q60C 4K QLED TV — $1,700, was $2,000

Samsung Class Q60C QLED 4K smart TV product image

We’re getting into the gigantic display territory with the 85-inch Samsung Q60C 4K QLED TV, which is powered by Samsung’s Quantum Processor Lite with 4K Upscaling to improve the quality of the content that you watch and the Tizen platform to access streaming services. The TV offers Quantum HDR for even better picture quality than you can imagine, and it comes with the Samsung Gaming Hub through which you can stream video games without the need for a console.

TCL 98-inch XL Collection 4K QLED TV — $4,500, was $6,000

TCL 2022 XL Collection 98-inch 4K QLED TV.

With the 98-inch screen of the TCL XL Collection 4K QLED TV, you’re going to have to consult our guide on what size TV to buy to make sure that you have enough space in your living room. If you do, then this is the QLED TV that you want to buy, if you can afford its discounted price. It’s still not cheap, but it’s going to be worth it to watch your favorite shows on such a massive display with 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR Pro Pack with Dolby Vision, and Google TV.

What features should I look for in a QLED TV?

When it comes to ensuring you get a TV with superior picture quality, QLED and OLED picture technologies are pretty much the cream of the crop at this point in. OLED TVs use self-lit pixels to create impressive image contrast, while QLED TVs produce an immersive, high quality image using nanoparticles called quantum dots. This technology makes pretty much any QLED TV you come across capable of producing an image worthy of your home theater.

When browsing through more specific features, however, one thing you may want to keep an eye out for is the QLED TV’s 4K upscaling capabilities. 4K upscaling will take older content and automatically upconvert it to 4K resolution, which means all of your favorite shows and movies from long ago will be presented in the modern clarity of 4K. This is something you’ll want to be sure is part of the feature set of any QLED TV you’re looking for in order to ensure you’re maximizing the value of your 4K TV screen.

If you’re looking for a QLED TV to put through its paces with fast-paced action or video games, one thing to keep an eye out for is a high refresh rate. You’ll want a QLED TV with a refresh rate of at least 120Hz if you’re looking for something that surpasses the standard. This will keep your picture from lagging or breaking apart if you’re gaming, or if you’re watching intense, fast-paced content like sports or action movies. Many QLED TVs have gaming technologies built in, which will likely guarantee you a higher refresh rate.

When is the best time to shop QLED TV deals?

There’s generally no better time to buy a QLED TV than when you happen to have a deal in front of you. QLED TVs often see pretty substantial discounts taking place throughout the year, and while it’s certainly possible to come across a model that’s seeing a major discount from time to time, most QLED TVs that see a discount do so pretty frequently.

There is reason to believe some more significant price drops may turn up during certain holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday see their fair share of QLED TV deals, as does Amazon’s Prime Day sales event. We’ve cleared Prime Day 2023 at this point, however, and both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still months away. So while there’s a chance some decent QLED TV deals may turn up later in the year, the ones that are available right now are still worth pouncing on, and are likely not much less impressive than anything that will turn up before the year is out.

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