ULFA-I on capital punishment spree; executes third cadre in a monththedigitalchaps


The banned militant outfit, United Liberation Front of Asom – Independent (ULFA-I), has reportedly executed another of its members for trying to flee from its camp somewhere in Myanmar.

This is the third case in a month where an Assam youth has been executed by ULFA-I for various reasons.

The person identified as Abinash Kalita alias Bibhakar Kalita was a native of Pathshala area in Barpeta district. He was a martial arts player and in 2017 competed in the All India Open MMA Championship and won a notable rank in the full-contact combat sports event, bringing honors to the state.

ULFA-I on capital punishment spree, executes third cadre in a monthIANS

Talking to IANS, Kalita’s father said, “On March 9, 2022, my son Abinash joined the outlawed ULFA-I. It has come to my attention that he was slain while trying to escape the camp. I request ULFA-I Commander-in-Chief Paresh Baruah to clarify his position on the matter.”

The ULFA-I camp is in extremely poor and subpar shape, according to the father of the deceased. Furthermore, the parent claimed that the cadres are fed just twice a day.

“The cadres at the ULFA-I camps are only provided with meals twice a day, in the morning and the afternoon, due to a lack of food. Dinner is not served there. Numerous young people have perished in the camp as a result of this,” he added.

Earlier this month, two of its cadres were executed by the banned outfit for various reasons, including alleged espionage.

Lachit Hazarika, also known as Brigadier Salim Asom, and Bornali Asom, also known as Nayanmoni Chetia, were slain on September 20, according to a statement released by the ULFA-I.

The execution took place on Myanmar’s soil, where the organisation is based.

Senior member Hazarika was from the Lakhimpur area of northern Assam. Bornali Asom, a boxer from the Tinsukia area of upper Assam, had joined the outlawed organisation in 2021.



The two were accused of 17 offences by the ULFA-I. They were accused of working with Indian espionage agencies, forcing rivals to hand over weapons and ammunition after being blackmailed by the group’s female members, and killing colleagues who fled in fictitious encounters.

They were also accused of blackmailing female cadres for personal gain, sharing information about the organisation’s movement routes with the ‘enemy’, encouraging new recruits to flee, and making an attempt to gain access to a high-ranking individual’s private information.

Additionally, they were accused of destroying the organisation’s weapons and radio sets as part of a conspiracy after being swayed by police and Army officers.

The family of Bornali pleaded with the ULFA leadership to provide answers after hearing that she had been killed and to provide her remains if she had received the death penalty.

“Bornali told us she was going to play one nice day (two years ago) but she never came back. Since then, she has vanished without a trace, and she never got in touch with us,” the mother claimed.

Reacting to the incidents, the Assam DGP G.P. Singh told IANS on Sunday, “I have a message for the youths who are interested to join the ULFA-I. Don’t join an autocratic, unjust, non-democratic organisation which doesn’t care for you.”

He further added, “Once again, same story. They won’t change. Young friends from Assam, don’t waste your life for an autocratic organisation. Your life has no value there.”

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